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Alarm – Victoria Wireless Alarm

Wireless Alarm System

Alarm systems are essential security equipment for any establishment, serving to deter intruders, as well as alert security personnel in an industrial setting. Being wireless also allows these alarm systems to be easily armed or disabled via telephone sets, resulting in a security system that provides ample security without being difficult to handle.

Protech Security provides Victoria wireless alarm systems with features such as remote arming/disabling and panic feature.

These systems have eight wireless zones, and they are programmable to suit security needs of different establishments. Browse our products for more info.

Victoria 868
Remote control operation
  • 8 wireless zones
  • 2 wiring zones & 1 tamper zone
  • Panic feature
  • Auto dialer call out without siren trirer
  • Arm / disarm by remote control or via telephone set
  • Instant or relay arming with telephone
  • Auto telephone dialer compatible
  • Programmable with telephone
Victoria 878
Remote control or keypad operation
  • Fully programmable 8 wireless zones
  • Two-way communication
  • 100 metres transmission range
  • Panic feature
  • Emergency call button without siren trigger
  • Arm/ Disarm by remote control, keypad or via phone set
  • Individual door chime and bypass function
  • Programmable siren duration

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